Genre: Mystery Thriller<br />
Originally published in 2020<br />
Page Count: 320 pages

Cristyn Hart

Genre: Science Fiction
Originally Published in 2012
Page Count: 294

When Julia wakes up one morning after a sleepover with her bestfriend Hanna, she expects it to be a normal day. Then her motherentered the room and told them in a panic to turn on the TV.Overnight the time it takes the earth to rotate once has increasedby almost an hour before it was noticed by the experts and the public. It’s clear the earth’s rotation is slowing and there isn’t anythinganyone can do about it, at least that they know of. Some people panic. Some people doubt the earth is slowing. Many people try their best to live life as normal as something that was taken forgranted changed drastically.

Julia and her family go through their lives as there are more andmore minutes of daylight and darkness each day, as the governmenttries to find a way to function with days of uncertain length, andas their very environment changes. On top of these planetarychanges, Julia is in middle school, and she faces changes with herfriends and classmates as they also react to how everything changes.

This is a story that is as much about the world and how it handles something as simple as the rotation of the planet slowing down asit is about Julia. Days and nights are slowly growing longer. Birdsare having problems. People worry about how much food will beavailable in the future. People come up with different ways to countthe days as a full day steadily gets longer than twenty-four hours.This all affects Julia of course because she is a part of the world.

She also has other more mundane problems that people generally have as they’re growing up. I didn’t feel like the standard coming-of-age scenes took anything away from the larger plot I feel likeit only adds to the story. I liked seeing these smaller scenes mixedin with the larger-scale changes of the world. They reminded methat this story was about Julia and the things she hears and experiences. It’s not really about everyone else, though they do factor into the story.

My favourite part about reading this novel was how I couldsee that this was the author’s rendition of what would happen ifthe planet started turning slower. It’s clear to me that she did someresearch into what such an eventcould cause.

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Personal Rating: 4/5

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