Genre: Mystery Thriller<br />
Originally published in 2020<br />
Page Count: 320 pages

Cristyn Hart
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Originally published in 2020
Page Count: 320 pages

Leslie is in search of her younger sister when she finds her a moment too late. Robin ran away when she was a teenager and never looked back. Leslie knew her as a drug addict and hadn’t seen her sister since she ran away as a teenager. This is why she’s not surprised when she finds Robin dead from an overdose.

But she is frustrated. Their father died recently and in his will he left them each a lot of money and Leslie is in need of that cash. The only problem is that they both need to be present to sign for it to be released. When Leslie finds Mary, a woman who looks almost exactly like Robin aside from the colour of her hair she makes a deal. If Mary can pretend to be Robin to sign for the release of the money, then Mary can take Robin’s share. Mary quickly accepts this job, but she soon learns that she is not the only one lying in this story.

This is a thriller about two women uncovering the lies that the other one is telling. It was interesting to uncover the secrets both women. Some of them were kept until the very end. However this isn’t a mystery story where you get to uncover the secrets at the same time as the characters. Some secrets are kept until the very end during a big reveal. I was okay with this because I found it just made me want to keep reading to find out certain truths.

At the heart this is a story about family bonds and mental health. I didn’t get that sense when I started, however with the amount of secrets in this plot I’m not surprised. Up until the reveal at the end I felt like this was a decent thriller, but afterwards I saw everything in a new light. I was impressed by some of the subject matter the story dealt with and honestly it’s a topic that should be discussed mote.

In the end I felt like this was more than a simple thriller. I would like to read more books like this one.

Personal Rating – 4/5

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