Genre: Mystery Thriller<br />
Originally published in 2020<br />
Page Count: 320 pages

Cristyn Hart

Genre: Thriller
Originally published in 1999
Page Count: 410

A scientific exploration team has been handpicked to explore a series of subterranean tunnels beneath an island in Antarctica. Already some discoveries have been made that raise questions about what can be found beneath the ice, but nothing can prepare them for what they will find down there, what creatures may still lurk in these tunnels.

But they do know one thing, they are not the first team to find themselves down in the tunnels. That other team vanished without a trace. This is why this new team must be prepared for what may be to come even if this means bringing marines down into the tunnels with them.
The first thing I will say about this is a thriller. It’s written for suspense and the few quiet moments that go between the high tension scenes. Once the plot gets going there is no stopping it. I’ve read a few thrillers that I feel are structured very similarly to this one. That’s okay, because sometimes you just need a good suspenseful book with predictable story beats.

My favourite part of this book were the ideas for the creatures and plants within the tunnel systems. I don’t want to go into detail so I’m not spoiling it, but every single time the ecology of the tunnels was brought up and discussed by the characters I found myself more interested
in the story. The ecology just makes sense to me because James Rollins made it work. The tunnels also felt like some place I would never like to be.
Aside from a part or two that didn’t age that well, I enjoyed this book.

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Personal Rating: 3.5/5

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